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CANTO launches 24th Annual Telecommunications Conference and Trade Exhibition

The Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organization CANTO launches its 24th Annual Telecommunications Conference and Trade Exhibition on connect the Caribbean on the 12th of March 2008. The event which will take place from the 13th -16th of July 2008 at the beautiful and scenic Atlantis Hotel, in Paradise Island, Bahamas will be co-hosted by the National Telecommunications Provider, Bahamas Telecommunications Company.

The theme of this year’s event is " CANTO- Caribbean Unity through Connectivity and will centre around the Connecting the Caribbean (CTC)Initiative of CANTO. The Connect the Caribbean Initiative is the Caribbean’s response to the "Connect the World Initiative". Consistent with the framework of Connect the World, the project will function as a partnership to mobilize the human, financial and technical resources required to bridge major gaps in ICT infrastructure development, enabling a harmonized policy framework and developing relevant and affordable services and applications. The expectation is that Investment in ICT will fuel economic growth and employment in the region and help fast-track targets to achieve broader development goals. As such, the vehicle of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy is expected to play a key role.


CANTO believes that the principles underpinning a connected Caribbean include:

  1. A shared vision for Caribbean development and the advancement of the region’s people is the key.
  2. A connected Caribbean is one in which its people, institutions and systems are connected through the strengthening of
    • a. physiological ties (local content, cultural)
    • b. economic ties (trade, industry, commerce)
    • c. knowledge sharing (education, experience, research, expert networking)
  3. A connected Caribbean implies pervasive affordable broadband internet connectivity and the application of ICT to inter alia:

CANTO 2008 will bring experts and policy makers from around the globe to discuss the issues impacting the Operators in areas such as:

  1. Enabling Environment - Harmonization of Regional Regulations and Policies
  2. ICT Services and Applications - Mobile Broadband Contents and IPTV
  3. Infrastructure and Readiness - Moving towards Convergence
  4. Leveraging IT Automation for Business Transformation
  5. Maximizing Customer Value/Building Loyalty
  6. Strategy and Operations

The Co-host Bahamas Telecommunication Company (BTC) promises an exciting experience filled with great food, entertainment and social and networking opportunities in the island where delegates will be allowed to "Escape from Everyday Life". CANTO invites everyone to be part of this exciting event in Atlantis Paradise Island – the Bahamas.

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