CANTO 36th AGM Documents


Doc. 1. 36th AGM Notice
Doc. 2 36th  AGM Agenda
Doc. 3. Draft Minutes of the 35th AGM
Doc. 4. Proxy Form
Doc. 5. Instructions to Participants
Doc. 6. 2020 AGM Evaluation Form
Doc. 7. 2020 Theme:   “Transitioning to a Digital Region Opportunities & Challenges”
Doc. 8. Regulations Committee Agenda 
Doc. 9. Meeting of the Working Committees of the Board

Meeting of Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Board Agenda

Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

Disaster Risk Management  

Marketing & Communications Agenda 

Tech Trends Agenda

Doc. 10. Financial Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda and Report
Doc. 11. CANTO Annual Report 2019
Doc. 12    2020 Calendar of Events
Doc. 13 36th  Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition Status Report