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CANTO Connect


A Virtual Networking Event

CANTO Connect, a virtual networking event, bridges the gap between key stakeholders, entrepreneurs and customers alike. This virtual networking experience, first of its kind in the Caribbean Telecommunications industry, will give all the opportunity to create valuable connections within the ICT ecosystem. Meet with telecommunication operators, software and equipment suppliers and regulators and discuss pressing issues that can increase innovation within the Caribbean region.

On September 16th  2-5pm EST, “Network, Innovate and Experience” at CANTO Connect!

Wednesday  Sept.  16th

Time: 2pm to 5pm


Form and strengthen business relationships to recognize, create, or act upon ICT business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.


Gain insights on new processes, services, or products that positively impact on your business, creating new opportunities for value and boosting growth during these challenging times.


Learn how industry organisations are quickly pivoting and re-focusing their efforts to create value and opportunities.

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