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Annual Conferences


July 7-10th 2024


Tuesday July 9th 2024


Canto 2024 Chaiman Speech



17th – 20th JULY, 2022


Monday 18th July

Sebastian Kaplan, META – Building the Metaverse 

Rory Ebanks, SYMPTAI CONSULTING LTD – DevSecOps A new collaborative effort 

Conor McGowan, FIREMINDS  – Cyber Security & the Evolution of Telcos. 

Juan Manuel, LIBERTY LATIN AMERICA – Cybersecurity and the Human Factor 

Sergei Okhrimenko, AB HANDSHAKE – Validation of Different Call Events 

Aamir Hussain, LIBERTY LATIN AMERICA – The Future of Broadband  

Dr. Erik Whitlock, CLINE CONSULTING GROUP – Not Quite Over: Reflections on Covid Pandemic & Beyond 

Rosario Veras, FLOW – Jump 

Annie Baldeo, TELECOMMUNICATIONS AUTHORITY OF TRINIDAD & TOBAGO  – Connecting the Unconnected 

Sergio Rodriguez – WIFI –FOREVER  

Darren Ware, MASTERCARD -Opportunities for Governments to Combine 

Daniel Best, CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT BANK – Strategies & Challenges in Connecting Latin America and the Caribbean 


Tuesday 19th July

Keith Downer – MyReadyCash 

Sergei Okhrimenko, AB HANDSHAKE – Validation of Different Call Events to Enhance Fraud Detection 

Denis O’brien, DIGICEL GROUP – Fixing the Broken Investment Model in Telecom 

David Geary, CENDIA TECHNOLOGIES – The Fair Share Debate 

FLOW – JUMP, Digital Includion Together 

Said Zaghloul, SANDVINE – Digital Economy  

Steve Traynor, ORACLE – Cloud Strategy – Key questions your CFO will ask you 

David Monson, CLASS TECHNOLIGIES & Ayodele Pompey, SMARTTERM LTD – The Future of Hybrid Learning 

Alexandre de Streel, NAMUR UNIVERSITY – The Party is Over 

Sam Naoshy, FLOW BUSINESS – Incubating Entrepreneurship in The Digital Age   


Wednesday 20th July

Stephen Bereaux, ITU -WTDC-22 Outcomes  

Mike Antonius, TELESUR – CANTO CEO Forum Digital Transformation 

Ian Durant, CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT BANK – Mobile Money & Sustainable Development 

Bobita Ram, MOBILE MONEY GUYANA – Another Way to Pay 

Andrew Boissiere, ANSA MERCHANT BANK LTD. – Managing Capital Structure 

Jean Marie Altema, proFIT – Digital Identity and the Fintech Ecosystem 


35th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Trinidad and Tobago
July 21-24, 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019


Bridging the Digital Divide –What Partnerships and Strategies Are Required to Enable Greater Broadband Connectivity in the Caribbean and Latin America?

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Regulating the Digital Economy

Data Protection/Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions

Delivering a Digital Experience

Disaster Risk Management 

WRC 19 Updates

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Connectivity Service Providers to Digital Service Providers

Meeting Customer needs through Digital Transformation

How Technology is Transforming Business – A look at transformation in the Energy, Health, Finance and Airline industries
Regional Development Trends – Opportunities and Challenges
Regional Development Trends–Opportunities and Challenges
Perspectives of Future Technological Advancements – Developing a culture of collaboration and innovation

Advanced AI insights, Machine Learning and The Future

Move towards 5G and the Sunset of legacy technologies in the US and its impact on Caribbean Telcos

Move towards 5G and the Sunset of legacy technologies in the US and its impact on Caribbean Telcos

Game Zone Caribe –Panel Discussion on the Dynamism of Animation and Gaming Industry in the Region



34th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition
Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis
July 22- 25, 2018

Sunday July 22, 2018 

Opening Ceremony 

Monday July 23, 2018 

Promoting the Right Investments Now in the Broadband Networks of Tomorrow 
Disaster Mitigation & Recovery – Exploring the Risks and Vulnerabilities of Operators in Latin America and the Caribbean – Part 1
Impact of Internet Platforms on the Caribbean ICT Eco – System

 Tuesday July 24, 2018

Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities in the new ICT Ecosystem (including OTT issues)

Panel Discussion: A regulatory reset for the Digital Economy

Keynote – Huawei 

Technology- The Disruptor and Enabler

Data Protection /Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions 
Disaster Mitigation & Recovery – Exploring the Risks and Vulnerabilities of Operators in Latin America and the Caribbean – Part 2 

Wednesday July 25, 2018

Regional and International Integration
Are You Ready for Blockchain?
The impact of 5G on Telco Infrastructure




 33rd Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Punta Cana, Domincan Republic
July 16- 19, 2017


Sunday, July 16:

Opening Ceremony- CANTO 2017

Teresa Wankin, Secretary General, CANTO Speech
Julian Wilkins, Chairman, CANTO Speech
Hon. Gaston Browne, Prime Minister Antigua & Barbuda Speech
Charles Che, Huawei Opening Speech 

Monday, July 17:

Ministerial Breakfast: Sponsored by CW Communications

John Reid, CEO, C&W Communications Presentation

Ministerial Roundtable 1: 

Garry Sinclair, President, C&W Caribbean Presentation
The Way to Smart Nations- Joe So, Huawei Presentation

The Future of the Digital Economy:

Is It Really Digital? – Renato Osata, AMDOCS Presentation

Technology, Disruption & The Economics of Genuine Democracy

Prof. Gilbert Morris, Economist

Session 1- GSMA Capacity Building Training: Advanced Spectrum for Mobile Telecommunications

Veena Rawat, GSMA Presentation

Tuesday, July 18:

Technology Feature:
Emerging Trends in Telecoms & Its Impact on Regulations for Small Island States – Dr. Paul Golding, UTECH

Regulating for the Converged Economy:

Opal Neil, C&W Communications Presentation
Jose Ayala, Ericsson Presentation

FCC Update – Federal Communications Commission Trends & Impacts on the Region

Rachel Bender, FCC Presentation

Ministerial Roundtable 2:

Dr. Georg Serentschy, Huawei Presentation

Internet of Things- GSMA Capacity Building Training

Vikram Raval, GSMA Presentation

Multi-play and Content Strategies

5G The Connected Society Enabler – Romeo Solano, ZTE Presentation
Embedded Sim-eSim- Jose Luis Horna, Converlogic Presentation
Content & Multi-play Strategies-Christopher Gordon, C & W Communications

Wednesday, July 19:

Caribbean Women in ICT CEO’s Forum

Karen Bevans, Belize Tourism Board Presentation

Disaster Planning & Critical Infrastructure for Telcos

Rick Burant, Altergy Fuel Cells Presentation
FCC Role in Disaster Planning -Thomas Sullivan, FCC
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Management as part of your Business Culture – Richard Redekop

Cyber Security Trends in 2017 & Beyond
Service Provider View of Cyber Security- Andre Foster, C&W Communication
The Mobility of Cyber Threats in a Hyper-Connected World – Trevor Forrest, Government of Jamaica
Arin Update – Susan Hamlin, ARIN
Cloud Sandboxing Against Advanced Persistent Attacks – Ric Leung, Huawei

Smart Communities – Re-imagining the Partnerships between Governments & Business

One Network for a Million Needs – Leondro Baghdadi, Ericsson
How to use Huawei’s Financing Capabilities to Build a More Connected Caribbean – Maria Rosario, Huawei
Jenson Sylvester, C&W Communications Presentation
Martin Caroll, Digicel Business Presentation
The Role of Data Centres in Smart Communities – Joseba Calvo, EPI LATAM Presentation

Regional Development in ICT

Hon. Medford Nicholas, Government of Antigua & Barbuda Presentation
Leadership for Innovation – Araceli Castenada, Public Utility Research Center 
Smart Tourism Leads to Smart City Construction in the Caribbean, Tang Zilong, Huawei
Paul Action, Digicel Business Presentation
Selby Wilson, Caribbean Telecoms Union Presentation 
ICANN Updates – Rodrigo de la Parra, ICANN

32nd Annual Conference and Trade Expedition Presentations

Opening Ceremony – July 31, 2016

Monday – August 1, 2016

Ministerial Roundtable 1: 

Converged Regulation: 

Session 1: Technology on Steroids – Living in a Modern World 

Session 2: Corporate Social Responsibility Project Awareness Initiatives in the Caribbean & Strengthening Cooperation between Telecommunications Operators and National Disaster Offices.

Tuesday – August 2, 2016

Panel Discussion: Securing Investments in Broadband Networks in Developing Countries and an Open Internet

Ministerial Round Table 2: 

Global Telecoms Trends

Wednesday- August 3, 2016

Session 4: Next Generation Communications

Session 6: Aligning the Caribbean ICT Calendar

Sunday July 26, 2015

Opening Ceremony

Monday July 27, 2015

Session 1: WRC-15 Caribbean Stakeholders Preparatory Discussions

Tuesday July 28, 2015 

Session 2:  The Innovative Edge

Wednesday July 29, 2015 

Thursday & Friday


[VIDEO]  Broadband for Sustainable Development Promo:  



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