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Member Vendors / Suppliers Portal

Contact: Helle Friis
Work Phone: +45 2270 7373 Website: www.2operate.com
Categories: Operations, OSS/BSS, Software Solutions, Systems
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Test & Measurement Contact: Mauricio Miranda / Victor Kohli
Work Phone: +57 3142924387 Work Phone: +598 93 700 955 Website: https://www.anritsu.com/en-US/test-measurement/
Categories: IT/Network
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Contact: Raf Meersman
Work Phone: +32 9 275 3100 Website: www.comsof.com
Categories: Consultant, Software Solutions
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Contact: Martyn Fricker
Work Phone: +1 949 370 0975 Website: http://www.emida.net
Categories: Software Solutions, Vendors
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Contact: Anders Ljung
Work Phone: +46-76-105 06 98 Website: www.hexatronic.com
Categories: Cable & Fibre Manufacturer, Equipment Vendor
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Contact: Denneth van der Veen
Work Phone: +31 2270 7373 Website: www.ictual.com
Categories: OSS/BSS, Software Solutions, Systems
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Contact: Stephen King
Work Phone: 1-868-757-7594 / 1 868-662-0395 Website: www.ixanos.co.tt
Categories: Software Solutions
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Contact: Khaleel Ali
Work Phone: 1-868-609-4004, 1-868-680-2006 Website: www.massytechnologies.com/infocom
Categories: Consultant, Equipment Vendor, Integrator, IT/Network, Software Solutions
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Contact: Andrea Lemos
Work Phone: 1.415.513.1500 Website: www.metaswitch.com
Categories: Equipment Vendor, IT/Network, Software Solutions
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Contact: Philip Lewis
Work Phone: (246) 426-8700   Website: www.northpoint-inc.com
Categories: Consultant, Data Services, Engineering, IT/Network, ITSM, Project Management
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Contact: Donald Workman
Work Phone: +1 786-749-2244 Website: www.qvantelusa.com
Categories: Consultant, OSS/BSS, Software Solutions
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Contact: Melissa Harris
Work Phone: 615 298 5429 Website: www.telecomtrainingcorporation.com
Categories: Consultant, Marketing Services, Training
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Contact: Eileen Keens
Work Phone: (345) 926-2737 or +(345) 814-1798 Website: www.yellomg.com
Categories: Marketing Services
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