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CANTO has received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under the project “Broadband Infrastructure and Public Awareness in the Caribbean” (ATN/OC-13544-RG).

The main objectives of this project are to support the design of national broadband strategies in the Caribbean region and to identify the regional aspects that need to be incorporated into these strategies in order to promote regional coordination. The project will finance the following:

  1. Broadband Diagnosis and Infrastructure Maps – Mapping of broadband infrastructure and the current infrastructure from other utilities; Identification of country-specific socio-demographic variables and classification of geographic areas; Prepare document with public policy recommendations; and host workshop to present results.
  2. Review Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks and Current Sector Trends – Review the current regulatory framework in each country and propose revisions that address current challenges; Review institutional framework in each country; and host workshop to present results.
  3. ICT Awareness and Capacity Building – Hold training seminar for regulators and policy makers and facilitate creation of a Community of Practice in the Caribbean; and Design a capacity building program for different actors in each country.
  4. Public Policy and Regional Recommendations for the Design of National Broadband Strategies – Make recommendations for the design of national broadband strategies for each country; Considerations to work towards a regional broadband strategy and regional harmonization; and Recommend a governance model for each country.
  5. Project Management – Hiring of a Project Coordinator.


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Caribbean Women in ICT (CWIC)


One of the signature events of CANTO 2014 was the launch of the Caribbean Women in ICT Forum at a breakfast session on Tuesday August 12 at CANTO 2014 in the Bahamas. The brain child of Regenie Fraser, Secretary General of CANTO and Jennifer Britton, Head of ICT at the CARICOM Secretariat,the session consisted of a panel of female executives in ICT who addressed women in the industry on a variety of topics including:

  1. Challenges and benefits for women entering the ICT profession
  2. How to encourage more women and girls to enter the sector
  3. Recognition and retention of women in ICT
  4. The role of CWIC in the CARICOM Single ICT Space
  5. Ideas for collaboration on a “joint project” for girls in ICT Day in April 2015

While the session targeted women in ICT, male supporters of women in ICT were also in attendance. One of those high profile supporter/attendees was the Secretary General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Dr. Hamadoun Toure.


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Connect The Caribbean


“Connect the Caribbean” is the Caribbean’s response to the ITU’s Connect the World initiative, which has as its goal, basic global connectivity by 2015.

Following the already successful initiatives across the globe such as “Connect Africa” and “Connect Asia”; the Caribbean effort, championed by the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Operators (CANTO), proposes a number of activities and strategies for the utilization of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to link the peoples of the Caribbean so as to foster a greater sense of Caribbean Identity, as well as to drive and promote Regional economic integration and prosperity.

CANTO along with lead consultants, INFOCOMM Technologies (ICT) Ltd., have collaborated with a range of other stakeholders to devise strategies and activities under the  Connect the Caribbean initiative which leverage ICTs, e- commerce, indigenous e-content creation and innate Caribbean creativity as the platforms from which to fulfill this mandate.

These initiatives will enable real time and asynchronous communication, facilitate cost effective opportunity matching and ultimately ensure the Region’s enduring economic success. Regional organisations recognise that realizing the promise of ICT requires not simply the adoption of ICT as a theme at the policy level, but also the usage of ICT by individual citizens, businesses and Governments to improve productivity and promote a Regional sense of identity. In this regard CANTO has undertaken to champion the development of three  key initiatives:

The e-Content Initiative

The Content Creation Project will, in the first instance take the form of national and Regional e-Content Competitions which will ultimately feed into the 2011 World Summit Awards. The competition will encourage content creation in a wide variety of areas including applications for government, business, entertainment and environment. The emergence and showcase of these new innovations will inevitably drive demand, both regionally and internationally, thereby fostering a self-sustaining economic model. CANTO will be engaging its members to facilitate this e-Content competition which will be culminate in a grand event, timed to coincide with the CANTO AGM in January 2011.

The e-Marketplace Initiative

Governments, business and the wider citizenry can come together in a virtual space to trade ideas, opportunities, goods and services through a Regional e-Marketplace championed by CANTO under CTC! The Marketplace will allow businesses greater regional visibility and will create a platform for governments to operate more efficiently. CANTO will be promoting to its members the great opportunities presented in the form of hosting, advertising and applicable subscription fees. The e-marketplace is scheduled to be launched  at next year’s (27th Annual) Regional Conference and Trade Exhibition. You can take part in online poker tournaments through the market place. Have a look at this online poker site if you want to learn about how to play poker online and to take part.

Social and Community Investments

CANTO is also encouraging its members to invest in its social and community initiatives.  One of these initiatives is the Community HUB. The Community HUB model involves developing the skills of underserved youth in a way that not only allows them to use technology in its existing applicable form, but to create new and native solutions which are re-deployable both in a business setting as well as within their communities. The Community HUB focuses on empowering youth and developing them into responsible change agents, saving our environment, and developing new enterprise. In the coming months, CANTO will be seeking tangible commitment from its members on the topic of community investment.


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