IMG_5534SAN JUAN, 05/08/16 – CANTO continues to be a driver for ICT in the region and the proceedings over the last three days will stand as testimony to the various ways in which CANTO continues to pursue its mandate. Reflection of the various outcomes of the 32nd Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino from July 31st – August 5th will shape the region in the short to medium term.

Ministerial panels, high-powered presentations by CEO’s who represent global players, training sessions, CODE Hackathon, networking, conversations about gender and cutting edge solution to current issues that face the region were all a part of the Conference.

CANTO held an informative two-day workshop conducted by top trainer Melissa Harris along with a diverse range of leaders in the telecommunications industry. Participants were trained not just on key marketing and sales strategies but also took part in an immersive human resource experience that underscored trust as the building block of the human relationship in the corporate societal network.

The 10th HR Forum was also on the CANTO 2016 agenda and was facilitated by Action Coach Ian Blanchard. The forum was based on the theme: “Building a High Profile HR Executive” and included topics such as: Managing Change & Culture Transformation, Current Trends in the Communications, Mobile, IT & Cable TV Industries and Managing Change and Culture Transformation.

CANTO ended on high note with the Chairman, Julian Wilkins inviting all delegates to the 33rd Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition (CANTO 2017) from the 16th – 22nd July, 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.