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Port of Spain, 24th July, 2019,   Aptly themed “Futuristic Wednesday”, the final day of CANTO’s 35th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition endorsed the Conference’s prevailing view that the future is here!

Are the Caribbean and Latin America ready to embrace this 4th Industrial Revolution which combines the digital, physical and biotechnology in a new ICT Ecosystem?  Are our current political and educational systems targeted to a world rapidly becoming dominated by Artificial Intelligence; where the creative, energy, health, finance, airline and travel industries, among others, are already being transformed by technology?

Successive speakers, largely from the private sector, voiced the opinion that there is enormous potential in our Region, but our current bureaucratic structures, traditional learning systems and mindset are not keeping pace with the current turbulent, disruptive change in the digital market space. Are we positioning our young people for the new technology-based jobs that will come on the market?

Both local and foreign-based companies echoed the sentiment that there is a “massive need worldwide for existing employees to be up-skilled in the emerging new technologies” both in the public and private sectors. Workforce transformation remains the key to drive our Region and “harness the opportunities the new digital environment brings”.

CANTO 2019 brought new perspectives to the discussion table and opened the floor to constructive debate and dialogue between and among participants from both the private and public sectors, including Ministerial input from across CARICOM.   As voiced by presenters and participants, “successful Transitioning to a Digital Region” will take collaboration, critical thinking and communication. We have the talent in the Region to take our potential and make it Exponential!

The 36th AGM will be held in Varadero, Cuba  in February and the 36th Annual Conference & Trade Expo will be held in Miami, Florida.