CANTO will kick off its 2016 calendar of events with the 32nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the newly built Marriott Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Located in the hills of Turgeau, Marriott of Port-au-Prince enjoys an outstanding central location in the capital. This 175-room hotel carries the banner of the Marriott International group and was born out of a partnership between Digicel, Marriott International and the Clinton Global Initiative.
The 32nd AGM will be co-hosted by Digicel from 31st January to 4th February, 2016 and will focus on:
• Presentation of the Annual Report for 2014/15
• Election of Board Directors
• Face to face meetings of CANTO’s seven (7) working committees
• Mini Expo featuring major suppliers that manufacture and distribute telecommunications products and services offering in-depth information on the latest developments in voice, data, image, e-Content and multimedia
• CANTO IDB Broadband Infrastructure Inventory and Public Awareness in the Caribbean (BIIPAC) workshop
• CANTO/ECLAC Project on Disaster Risk Management in the Telecom sector
• Presentation: Mobile Broadband Technologies from IMT-2000 to IMT – 2020

CANTO will direct its 32nd AGM and 2016 calendar of activities on the theme of: “Inspiring ICT Innovations: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through Sustainable Strategic Partnerships”. The Chairman of CANTO, Julian Wilkins noted that “Inspiring ICT innovations will allow us to full take advantage of the rapidly evolving converging technology environment for the benefit of our Caribbean consumers”.
The theme targets the talented citizenry of the Caribbean and the Americas. It encourages all stakeholders to create and foster an environment of entrepreneurship by harnessing the natural talent. The objective is to inspire persons to be creative and innovative by utilizing and fostering strategic partnerships to yield SMART sustainable products and services, adding value to markets to reduce poverty and foster environmental conservation.
Innovation and entrepreneurship are critical for the region at this time because of the dynamic nature of the ICT industry. However, the two cannot work in isolation for the development of a
country. Society as a whole must contribute by creating an environment which harnesses the entrepreneurial skillset and encourages growth and development by ensuring all mechanisms are in place to steer the innovator in the right direction. It is a delicate balance of economical, sociological and environmental goals which will require a public–private partnership (PPP) and CANTO is well positioned to take the lead. CANTO therefore invites you to join us in Haiti at the 32nd AGM and Experience it !

Visit CANTO’s 32nd AGM for more information