BELLEVUE, June XX, 2021 – 5G Americas, together with GSMA North America and CANTO, will co-host the 5G Caribbean Virtual Summit. This event is scheduled for June 30th and July 1st, 2021. It will take place alongside MWC21 Barcelona.

The 5G Caribbean Virtual Summit will bring together government representatives with leading operators and executives across the Caribbean ICT (Information, Communications, Technology) ecosystem.  The overarching focus will be the Path to 5G in the Caribbean: From a Regional to a Global Perspective.

This Summit will comprise two main tracks. The first will focus on new mobile technologies and their deployment requirements – including implications for policy and strategy.  Topics will range from eSIM to migration pathways to 5G. Panels with CEOs and executives from operators, government and other ICT organizations will focus on the dynamics, advances, challenges, and perspectives relevant to stakeholders in the Caribbean region.

The second track is training-oriented. It will focus on the professional side of implementation — with technical and in-depth sessions targeting operators, policy makers and regulators. The two days of training will center around migration pathways from 4G to 5G. The training will be conducted by GSMA North America.

GSMA North America’s Head of Technology, Carlos Bosch said, “the 5G Caribbean Virtual Summit will bring together key leaders who can make a difference in the Caribbean ICT ecosystem — primarily service providers, policy makers and regulators from the region. We will cover all the regulatory and technical fundamentals associated with the next mobile generation, 5G. All MWC participants will have access to the program and presentations.”

“The Summit illustrates that the dynamics generated around ICT are no longer local — and the Caribbean countries are well aware of this. The global scope of digital transformation is influencing and shaping the pathways for technological innovation in the Caribbean,” said José Otero, 5G Americas’ Vice-President for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The event will provide Caribbean executives and representatives the opportunity to share experiences, lessons learned and identify the implementation challenges presented by technological innovations, specific to the Caribbean. It also reflects CANTO’s commitment to innovation and continuing to promote the adoption of new telecommunications services in the region,” said Teresa Wankin, CANTO’S General Secretary.

To view the agenda of the Caribbean Summit and register for the event, access the following link, click here.