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Digicel Jamaica added Alepo’s Carrier-Grade AAA Server to its mobile network in order to support a rapidly growing subscriber base on 2.5G (GPRS), 3G, and 4G (HSPA+) mobile broadband networks.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015, Austin, TX — Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT solutions for communications service providers worldwide, announced today that Digicel Jamaica has deployed Alepo’s Carrier-Grade AAA Server to support the rapidly growing demand for mobile broadband services over 2.5G, 3G, and 4G (HSPA+) networks. The announcement underscores the longstanding partnership between Alepo and Digicel, which spans numerous projects over five years and twelve Digicel markets in the Caribbean and Southern Asia.
Digicel Jamaica enlisted Alepo to upgrade its mobile AAA infrastructure as the company’s growth in mobile subscribers outpaced the previous AAA server’s capabilities. Digicel Jamaica cited a need for a carrier-grade solution that offered greater performance, reliability, and endless scalability as the demand for mobile data continues to surge upward. The Alepo AAA infrastructure will support over one million mobile subscribers across twelve countries on 2.5G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks.
“Our continued experience working with Alepo has given us confidence in this network investment as well as in Alepo’s ability to deliver a robust solution able to support our growing customer base,” said Krishna Phillips, Digicel Jamaica CTO.
According to the 2014 Cisco Visual Network Index, mobile data usage is set to grow 11-fold in the next five years. This heightens the importance of the role of AAA in the mobile broadband environment in order to properly monitor and enforce accounting parameters as well as to reduce signaling strain on the network.
“Alepo understands that mobile broadband is the impetus to growing operator revenues and delivering a sophisticated customer experience, and we’re proud to work closely with Digicel Jamaica to expand its mobile data networks,” said Brandon Johnson, Vice President of Services at Alepo. “Alepo’s AAA Infrastructure has been a cornerstone of our products, and it continues to prove itself as legacy systems fail and fall behind.”
About Digicel Group
Digicel is a mobile phone network provider covering parts of Oceania, Central America, and the Caribbean regions. The company is owned by Irishman Denis O’Brien, is incorporated in Bermuda, and based in Jamaica. After 13 years of operation, total investment to date stands at over US$5 billion worldwide. Digicel has operations in 32 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia-Pacific.

About Alepo
Alepo is a leading provider of enabling IT and network infrastructure software solutions for communications service providers worldwide. Alepo works closely with market leaders including Vodafone, MTN, France Telecom, and Digicel, empowering them to compete aggressively and realize data opportunities across technologies and generations. Alepo is proud to support innovative market leaders as they evolve in the telecommunications marketplace.