San Juan, 03/07/16 – In a historic moment at the 32nd CANTO Conference and Exhibition in Puerto Rico a significant number of CANTO members signed the Code of Practice for safeguarding the open Internet.

Chairman of CANTO, Julian Wilkins stated: “‘This Code of Practice balances the needs and freedoms of end users and content providers with the requirement of Operators to run their networks and their corresponding freedom to innovate and develop new services and business models. He went on to say that ‘CANTO and its members support the concept of the open Internet and the general principle that legal content, applications and services should not be blocked.’ The chairman explained further that this was a voluntary Code of Practice; it is an alternate way of doing things. It is industry led regulation rather than introducing new regulation. It is a significant moment in the history of CANTO.’

CEOs and Country Managers from the following companies signed the Code of Practice on Monday 1st August, 2016.
Digicel St. Kitts & Nevis
Digicel St. Vincent and the Grenadines
TELEM Group St Maarten
Digicel St Lucia
Digicel BVI
GT&T Guyana
Digicel Antigua & Barbuda
Digicel Grenada
Innovative USVI
Cable & Wireless Communications (all countries)