MIAMI, Florida (July 8th, 2024) – Prime Minister Philip Davis of The Bahamas delivered a compelling keynote address at CANTO’s 39th annual Conference and Tradeshow Exhibition, sponsored by C&W Communications. He called for Caribbean leaders to unite in leveraging digital innovation for regional progress.

PM Davis was welcomed to the podium by Inge Smidts, CEO of C&W Communications, who provided brief remarks opening the day’s activities. Smidts shared C&W’s efforts in leading digital innovation and connectivity solutions and also in bridging the digital divide and fostering digital inclusion across the region.

The Prime Minister began by asking for a moment of solidarity following Hurricane Beryl’s destruction in Grenada, Barbados, St. Vincent, the Windward Islands, and Jamaica. A number of delegates from the affected countries were unable to attend as they continue to work through restoration efforts. Davis recalled his country’s experience noting, “The Bahamas remembers Dorian’s fury all too well. Our hearts and prayers go out to our Caribbean brothers, and sisters and may those affected find strength and may the coming months be calmer than forecasts predict.”

The Prime Minister highlighted the region’s technological evolution, citing The Bahamas’ implementation of e-government platforms for citizen services, and the introduction of its Sand Dollar e-currency. He stressed the importance of digital skills education to ensure widespread technological literacy and prevent marginalization.

PM Davis also emphasized a number of challenges facing the region. He noted that education and training in digital skills was critical in ensuring people across the Caribbean are not left behind. “It is clear that technology is a powerful tool for progress and economic growth, however the true potential of this tool can only be realized if our citizens are equipped with the knowledge and skills to use if effectively. The biggest missed opportunity we face is having advanced technology at our disposal but lacking the widespread literacy to leverage it fully,” Davis continued.

Addressing the transformative power of technology, PM Davis said: “Technology is not merely a tool for economic growth, it is a powerful catalyst for social change. Our focus should be on how these innovations can enhance the quality of life for out citizens, bridging the gaps and opening opportunities that were previously unimaginable.”

C&W Communications through its charitable foundation, the CWCF has launched its JUMP social assistance program in response to this. Currently the JUMP program, launched in Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, and St. Lucia provides opportunities to scores of families who would not ordinarily be able to internet access.

Through a public private partnership with the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation and governments in the region, the most vulnerable customers are able to benefit from subsidized internet access, a free laptop and eight weeks of digital skills training for the entire household. The JUMP program is set to be officially launched in August in The Bahamas.

The address concluded with the Prime Minister congratulating CANTO on its 39th birthday, officially announcing The Bahamas as the host for CANTO’s 40th Conference in 2025, marking a significant milestone for the organization and the region’s commitment to digital advancement.

Over 600 persons are attending the Annual Tradeshow and Exhibition which runs from July 7-10 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Miami, Florida. C&W Communications once again serving as headline sponsor for the event.



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