– July 9, 2024 –

The 39th Annual CANTO Conference and Trade Show kicked off at the JW Marriott Miami, bringing together leaders and stakeholders from the telecom and ICT sectors across the Caribbean. This premier gathering serves as a critical platform for industry networking and collaboration, underscored by a resilient approach to sustainability in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl.

Mike Antonius, Chairman of CANTO, set the tone for the conference by emphasizing the pivotal role of telecommunications in shaping the region’s future amidst digital transformation. “As industry leaders, we actively drive the digital revolution in ICTs and telecoms across our region,” he affirmed. Antonius highlighted CANTO’s leadership in advancing telecommunications infrastructure, noting their pioneering efforts in 5G technology and regulatory navigation to empower communities.


Celebrating recent achievements in regulatory advocacy and industry collaboration, Mr. Antonius remarked, “We’ve secured significant wins, ensuring our members thrive in a competitive global market.” Reflecting on the conference theme, ‘Towards A Sustainable Digital Economy,’ he added, “This theme resonates deeply as we tackle global challenges, focusing on solutions that drive economic growth, preserve our environment, and enhance societal well-being.” The launch of the Caribbean Data Center Association further underscores CANTO’s commitment to sustainable business practices and robust digital infrastructure.

Secretary General Teresa Wankin echoed calls for unity and collective action in challenging times. “Together as one Caribbean family, we can rebuild better and stronger,” she urged. Reflecting on CANTO’s commitment to inclusivity and technological advancement, Mrs. Wankin reaffirmed efforts to bridge the digital divide and promote universal connectivity. “Our mission is clear: to ensure equitable access and drive socio-economic equity through digital sustainability,” she noted, citing initiatives expanding broadband access and supporting digital literacy programs across the Caribbean.


The support of valued partners, including headline sponsor C&W Communications and others, has been instrumental in making CANTO 2024 possible. General Wankin expressed gratitude for their contributions, highlighting their role in advancing the conference’s goals.

Honourable Daryl Vaz, Minister of Science, Energy, Telecommunications, and Transport for Jamaica, emphasized digital technologies’ role in sustainable development. “Jamaica’s initiatives, like the Universal Service Fund, have enhanced broadband access even during crises like Hurricane Beryl,” he remarked. Minister Vaz underscored Jamaica’s leadership in digital transformation, focusing on resilience and economic empowerment through public-private partnerships and digital literacy.



Reflecting on the challenges posed by Hurricane Beryl, Minister Vaz noted, “Telecommunications resilience exceeded 70%, showcasing our sector’s robustness.” He affirmed Jamaica’s commitment to leveraging technology for economic growth and recovery, highlighting ongoing efforts in digital infrastructure and sustainable development.

Marilyn Sealy, Senior Director and Head of Communications at C&W Communications, reiterated the resilience and solidarity of Caribbean communities in the face of adversity. “As we gather post-Hurricane Beryl, we recognize the challenges but also the strength of our region,” she said. Sealy reinforced C&W Communications’ commitment to supporting affected communities. “Our teams have been on the ground, working tirelessly to restore connectivity, deliver essential supplies, and provide support where it’s needed most. We are incredibly proud of their dedication and resilience, and we will build back stronger.”

The theme of this year’s conference, “Towards a Sustainable Digital Economy,” resonates deeply with the region’s current needs and future aspirations. “We recognize the transformational role that technology plays in driving sustainable development, social inclusion, and economic growth,” Sealy noted.


Mr. Antonius concluded, “CANTO remains dedicated to empowering the Caribbean through technology,” urging stakeholders to innovate for a sustainable digital future. The conference agenda includes discussions on green technology advancements, cybersecurity, and digital sustainability’s application in health and education sectors.

As CANTO 2024 progresses, industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders collaborate to shape resilient policies driving economic progress across the region. The conference serves not only as a platform for exchanging insights but also as a catalyst for policies promoting a sustainable digital economy. With a shared commitment to inclusivity and ethical technology, stakeholders are poised to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the evolving ICT landscape.