Speakers at CANTO’s 32nd AGM – Morning Session

CANTO, the leading telecommunications association with a global focus is currently on day three of its 32nd Annual General (AGM). The five day event is being held at the Marriott Port-Au-Prince, Haiti from the 31st January – 4th February, 2016. Charged with a mission to facilitate the development of ICT solutions for the benefit of members and other stakeholders in the Caribbean region, CANTO continuously seeks to change the ICT/Telecoms landscape by ensuring that its membership is exposed to trending ICT solutions. The CANTO AGM is always an opportune time to disseminate pertinent information as it relates to the Telecoms industry. Hence, CANTO selected the following partners and sponsors to present to its delegates:

• Leon Williams, Vice Chair of CANTO Board of Directors and Chair of the Session
• Van Splunteren NAAP Global – Connecting the Dots: Finance and Operations in Telecoms
• E.Jay Saunders, DSS – Regional Opportunity to participate in Hack Summit Virtual Hackathon
• Shernon Osepa, Internet Society – Cybersecurity & the Internet of Things
• Kevon Swift, LACNIC – Ayitic – Internet for Development in Haiti –
• Albert Daniels, ICANN – IANA Stewardship Transition, and Regional Strategy Projects
• Robert Williams, ECLAC – CANTO-ECLAC Project on Disaster Risk Management in the Caribbean Telecoms Sector

Chairman of CANTO Mr. Julian Wilkins stated that the CANTO Theme: Inspiring ICT Innovations: ‘Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through Sustainable Strategic Partnerships’ was clearly demonstrated with our sponsors who presented and supported our AGM.

The 32nd AGM continues with the official AGM proceedings and will climax with the Broadband Infrastructure Inventory and Public Awareness in the Caribbean (BIIPAC) Project Component 4.