CANTO has unveiled a new cloud-based platform to aid telecommunications operators realise innovation and speed in their procurement processes.  The e-Market was launched as part of CANTO’s 38th Annual General Meeting, held virtually on Friday 11th February 2022.


A project of CANTO’s Vendors and Suppliers Committee, the e-Market platform is intended to address some of the shortcomings which became apparent at the annual CANTO Conference and Trade Show which had as one of its objectives, the creation of a meeting space for operators and vendors.


The creation of this new cloud-based platform brings together vendors/suppliers and telecommunications operators/buyers together under one umbrella.  The platform offers increased opportunities for telecomm operators/buyers to interact with vendors/suppliers in a competitive environment that can reduce cost for operators and increase the value proposition of vendors.


Telecomm operators/buyers and vendor/suppliers can manage the entire procurement process for the provision of solutions, goods and services of any size, value, or complexity using either a completely digital process or an hybrid approach.


The platform allows telecomm operators and buyers to expand their reach and tap into a list of suppliers beyond their region, generating therefore, more competitive bids and greater vendor pricing options.  The cloud-based platform will allow operators and buyers to automate some of the manual tasks associated with the procurement process leading to greater time and cost efficiencies, better business performance and spending control.  Ultimately, the cloud-based platform will help companies to reach key performance indicators or business goals such as accountability, transparency, and accessibility using a secure platform with best-in-class encryption keys, firewalls, and algorithms.


The platform offers telecomm operators some interesting features:

  • Planning and sourcing;
  • Vendor Performance Management;
  • Real-time project management;
  • Documents management
  • Payment gateway;
  • Bid Evaluation; and
  • Reports and analytics.

The platform also offers a global directory of vendors and suppliers and facilitates the digital advertising of opportunities.


This new digital solution is available to all CANTO members beginning July 2022. For more information, operators and vendors may email for more details