We started pre-dawn and welcomed the sun. Excitement filled the air from the first registrant Director Desha Clifford to the Vice Chair Mike Antonius, and Director Delreo Newman followed by scores of operators, ICT providers and more.


A pre-walk warm up to the latest Soca hits was just what to doctor ordered to get the heart pumping and joints in motion.


Others preferred the familiarity of that morning brew for the strength and fortification for the walk ahead.


And then we were off for our walk and a slice of that rich Surinamese history. The Parliament building, monuments to Surinamese soldiers who fought in the Korean War, courthouses, and the Suriname River were but only a few of the many historic places visited and their unique stories were the substance “oohs and ahhs” heard everywhere.


In under one hour, sixty walkers got a snap shot of the wonder and beauty that is Paramaribo, Suriname. Then it was back to base and we are energized and invigorated for the day ahead!


Thank you CANTO, Telesur and Datasur for our Breath of Fresh Air and Wellness Walk!

Morning reflections as told by a CANTO walker.