With the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a great need for Speednet to be innovative in communicating and presenting our products and services to our customers. To maintain a presence, Speednet has reduced spending on traditional media and is now focusing primarily on social media.

With 98 percent of the mobile market in Belize being prepaid, and the country under virtual lockdown like most of the world, the Company is predicting some very difficult times in the coming weeks. However, even under extreme pressures, Speednet is still giving to our customers and assisting the government in whatever way we can.

Below are some of the initiatives that the Company has and will undertake:

  1. As a public gesture, Smart is gifting all Frontline Medical Personnel at all Public Health Facility throughout the country with a Pre-paid number $50.00 credit. This is broken down to $25 regular credit and $25 Promotional Credit. The listing of employees is being provided via the Human Resource Departments of the various health facilities throughout the country.
  2. Smart is sponsoring the Ministry of Health with COVID-19 Hotline number 0-800-MOH-CARE.
  3. An assurance has been given to the Belizean community that Smart’s network is ready and prepared to serve the community during this trying time. Pictures depicting our Network Technicians in the field working to ensure endurance is circulating and Smart is proud in having dedicated staff to ensure the continuation of high quality communication services.
  4. A social Media Campaign has been launched to educate Smart fans about COVID-19 while keeping them engaged and entertained in the safety of their homes. A series of interactive posts are scheduled for the month of April. They include:
    1. Weekly Fitness Segments with a Belizean trainer
    2. Weekly Segments of Science experiment for kids
    3. Weekly virtual painting sessions with a professional Belizean Painter
    4. Weekly comedy shows with a young comedian
    5. Providing reading activities/materials for kids and adults
    6. Providing tips for family bonding while on shutdown
    7. Providing professional tips for working from home
    8. Hosting poster, essay & poetry competitions
    9. Offering several promotions geared towards Data, SMS and Voice usage. Some of these promotions are:
      1. Boosting support services where we allow our customers to borrow data packages and credit. Now customers can borrow 350 Mbps of Data and $4.00 prepaid credit.
      2. Offering a Double Data Day
  • Offering a Double SMS Day
  1. Offering Smart’s Night Fix Promotion – Allows discount on mobile rate at night time
  2. Double and triple the amount of credit purchased
  1. Finally, to ensure that our Smart customers are coping well while on lockdown, the company is making it a priority to call our customers to check on how they are doing, and to get some feedback on their satisfaction level with our broadband and mobile networks.