As Trinidad and Tobago’s national communications provider, TSTT’s mission is all about connections – enabling them, building them, and sustaining them. We are deeply invested in Trinidad and Tobago and providing our people with the support they need, when they need it the most.

As we continue to closely monitor developments related to the impact of COVID-19 on the national community, we recognize that our customers are relying on our services to ensure they maintain important connections with loved ones, colleagues, healthcare providers, and more. In order to help our customers and stakeholders keep informed, stay safe and navigate this challenging time, we have implemented a range of measures.

To ensure that customers’ communications needs will be adequately managed throughout this crisis, TSTT is focused on six key areas:

  •  Network Stability and Quality Assurance


As with all networks around the world, the surge in online activity, including working and studying from home, has increased overall network throughput by an average of 35% – 40%.  This level of activity is only expected to increase in the coming weeks and, as such, TSTT has implemented a series of network enhancements to ensure quality assurance.  These enhancements will be even further improved given the recent decision by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) to grant immediate approval to TSTT’s request for additional spectrum.



TSTT requested spectrum in the 1900 MHz band which would help boost our 3G and 4G LTE networks, and spectrum in the 2500 MHz band which would boost capacity in our 4G TDD LTE fixed network.  The latter would allow for greater throughput capacity for customers at home.  This translates to a better, more seamless experience which is particularly important since home has become our new office, school and entertainment hub.


  • Connecting Vital Services

In addition to network enhancements, particular attention has been placed on areas that provide vital services.  In a global health emergency, connecting health centres and hospitals are an obvious priority.  As an example, to ensure uninterrupted service, TSTT has increased reserve power in key areas such as Caura, Couva and Balandra, and has a dedicated focus on health-care services in general.

  • Disseminating Vital Information

In addition to monitoring and optimizing the network, TSTT has also made it possible for customers to access accurate, up-to-date, relevant information as required.  The Company has ‘zero-rated’ the websites of 13 organisations for all prepaid and postpaid bmobile customers, making it free for them to visit these sites.



  • Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to zero-rating pertinent websites, TSTT will continue to implement support solutions.  These include:

  • Working with TATT to provide free data to the underprivileged to ensure that they stay connected
  • Increased low balance “pay later” top-up by 100%. This allows customers with credit of TT$2.00 or less to easily access Top-Up in the event of an emergency
  • Increased throughput capacity for all data customers


Text-to-Donate Campaign

TSTT has partnered with the United Way Trinidad and Tobago (UWTT) to assist the local NGO in its national COVID-19 relief effort.

A COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund was formed by UWTT to provide support to persons and local communities most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.  TSTT has sponsored the free use of its text-to-donate service to facilitate the UWTT’s fund-raising efforts.  The Company was also the first corporate citizen to contribute to the fund with a donation of TT$20,000 to kick start the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.  Members of the Trinidad and Tobago public can contribute to the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund by texting the word GIVE to HELP (4357) from their bmobile phones.  Each text will donate TT$5.00.

Partnership with local NGO to help CSEC Students prepare for Math Exams

Over 20,000 students, who will be writing the 2020 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) mathematics examinations across Trinidad and Tobago, will be provided with free online mathematics revision through a partnership between TSTT and local NGO, Restore A Sense of I Can (RSC).  The TSTT and RSC collaboration offers cost-free, zero-data access to the website, as well the hosting of the platform, server, videos and software.

Schools interested in using the online mathematics revision programme can call RSC at 474-3280 or 222-2168 or email Further details on the programme can be found on bmobile’s Facebook page or RSC’s website.

  • Institutional Assistance. As more companies and institutions implement work and school from home strategies, in addition to secure connections, institutions will require additional tools.  These include conference/video calling software and training among other specialized applications. TSTT has its Enterprise team focused on delivering and managing these solutions for our clients.

  • Business Continuity and Social Distancing.

TSTT activated its Business Continuity Plan weeks ago.  The company also implemented work from home and social distancing strategies for all employees.


  • As the national service provider, TSTT ensures that all its services are available and optimized. As such, all call centre numbers, account managers, online support, etc. are, and will remain, fully operational.
  • While select stores remain open to facilitate transactions and service related requests, TSTT is encouraging customers to use its online platform, b-online, to pay bills and manage their accounts from the safety of their homes. Customers can Top-Up their prepaid accounts online through the app – bmobiletop-up or via the website or


Safety measures have also been implemented to protect customers who visit bmobile stores.  In addition to increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing counters and high touch surfaces, social distancing practices have been implemented and stores are observing the Government’s mandate that groups of no more than 5 should gather at the same location.  The flow of traffic is actively being managed to ensure that customers receive the highest quality of service in the safest possible way.


  • Commercial Offers


TSTT is committed to providing our customers with the support they need, when they need it most. With value in mind, we are offering prepaid customers the following:

  • Double data for bundled services
  • Free International text messages
  • Expansion of local calling bundles to include US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, India & China
  • 90% reduction in PAYGO rates
  • Double Credit for Voice and Data Bligh customers

20% bonus on online Top-Up