The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially comes to an end on 30th November, 2013. It is recorded as the least active hurricane season in thirty (30) years. The Chairman of CANTO DRP Committee, Mr. Angus Steele is pleased to report that there were no immediate requests from our members or affiliate members for any assistance of CANTO via the DRP Committee during the 2013 hurricane season. Below is an overview of the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season and DRP Committee 2014 Calendar.

• 2013 was recorded as the least active Hurricane Season in 30 years.

• The UN Weather Agency reported that there have been 86 Tropical Storms Worldwide, 3 short of the annual average since 1981.

• Floods Top 2013 world disaster bill. Inland flooding that affected parts of Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia caused about 47% of overall global losses and 45% of insured losses.

• Named storms for the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season were 13 Tropical Storms (of the expected 16 named Tropical Storms) and 2 hurricanes (8 were expected to strengthen to hurricanes) with a 61% probability of at least 1 major hurricane tracking in the Caribbean region (there were no major hurricanes). Even the 2 Hurricanes that formed were just CAT1 Storms. This resulted in minimal threats to our members and their organizations and businesses.

• Flooding was heavily reported worldwide from strong storms in Midwest USA, Colorado, Toronto, Canada as well as the UK. Additionally the

deadliest disaster was a series of flash floods in Northern India and Nepal in June.

• Fires also contributed as usual to the disasters during the season in Colorado, the Yosemite National Park in San Francisco, Southern California plus Arizona.

• November 8th Typhoon Haiyan – The most severe typhoon in the Philippines which saw sustained winds of up to 195 mph and dominated talks at the UN Climate Conference in Poland. That was the Philippines fifth natural disaster in a single year.

• In early October, Tropical Storm Karen off the Gulf Coast of the USA and the unusual unexpected gale force winds swept the Southern UK in late October (St. Jude Storm) leaving thousands of homes without power were also notable challenges.

• July – Earthquake in China, October 11th-Earthquake in Southern Caribbean would certainly be remembered.

• Discussions around the effects of climate change continued while it is generally accepted to date that climate change cannot be linked to any individual weather event, it is widely accepted that warmer temperatures associated with climate change cause more extreme weather and more weather related catastrophes.

Disaster Preparedness Recovery Committee 2014 Calendar

The Chairman of the DRP committee, Mr. Angus Steele is pleased to announce the areas of focus for 2014.

1. The CANTO Board of Directors has issued a new directive to recruit a vice chair for all committees. The chairman of the DRP committee takes this opportunity to announce that Ms. Sherry Rolle of Bahamas Telecommunications Company has been appointed Vice Chair of the DRP Committee.

2. Finalization and adoption of the Disaster Recovery Inventory Data

Collection Template with the HR Committee. A element of this would include some discussions around members having current Asset Registers/Asset Registry including insurance.

3. Ongoing training on DRP related matters.

4. Develop a relationship with various organizations pertaining to DRP

within the region that serves members including CDERA, UWI Seismic Research Center in Trinidad, CTU, Regional Amateur Radio Operators (Friendly 7.188 Net) and the Caribbean Amateur Radio Meteorological Emergency Network (CARMEN) otherwise known as “Ham Radio Operators”, stormCarib, Weather Underground etc.

5. Lobbying major equipment suppliers to become members to understand their DRP plans in the region.

6. Seeking to implement various MOU’s at the start of each Atlantic hurricane season, but to also extend ad hoc requests for assistance from regional airlines and shipping carriers.

We invite you to join the DRP Committee, as we seek to strengthen our Disaster Preparedness and Recovery throughout our membership. We also invite you to attend our 30th Annual General Meeting to be held  25th to 28th January, 2014.  Half Moon Hotel , Rose Hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica   For more information visit

 The Chairman & Members of the DRP Committee take this opportunity in wishing you Season Greetings and  a Successful 2014