London, DEC 2023 – Ekiva, a leading player in transformative technologies for the ICT sector, is pleased to announce its membership in CANTO a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the telecommunications landscape in the Caribbean region.

The partnership contributes to CANTO’s mission of advancing the ICT sector in the Caribbean by fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the implementation of innovative solutions. It is anticipated that Ekiva’s technical capabilities, particularly in areas related to delayering processes, network automation, and intelligence-driven solutions will set new standards for the region.

Ekiva brings its expertise in network delayering processes and cutting-edge technologies, contributing valuable technical knowledge to discussions and projects within the association. Ekiva’s innovative solutions, particularly in network automation and intelligence-driven services, aim to elevate connectivity projects across the region.

Joining CANTO gives Ekiva better means to connect with regional telecom operators, organizations, and professionals, providing valuable networking opportunities and enhancing its visibility within the Caribbean ICT sector.

Ekiva will be an active participant at CANTO events, conferences, and workshops, contributing to regional discussions, sharing best practices, and collaborating on initiatives aimed at advancing the Caribbean telecommunications industry.

Ekiva’s global perspective and experiences will contribute to CANTO’s international collaborations, strengthening the association’s position as a regional hub connected to global industry trends and innovations and its commitment to innovation and transformative technologies will benefit the association’s collective expertise in the ICT sector.



Tom Tudor, EVP Marketing at Ekiva: “We are thrilled to join CANTO, a renowned association dedicated to the advancement of the Caribbean ICT sector. This collaboration aligns with Ekiva’s commitment to innovation and transformative technologies, and we look forward to contributing to the vibrant telecom community in the region.”

Mrs. Teresa Wankin, Secretary General: “CANTO is delighted to welcome Ekiva into our esteemed membership. Ekiva’s expertise and commitment to technological innovation add tremendous value to our association. We believe that this collaboration will lead to exciting initiatives, knowledge-sharing, and advancements in the Caribbean ICT landscape.”


About Ekiva:

Ekiva is a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, dedicated to new ways of delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine connectivity across the globe. With a strong focus on technology and unwavering customer commitment, Ekiva is leading the way into the future of 5G telecommunications and beyond. For more information, visit


About CANTO:

CANTO is a non-profit association dedicated to advancing the telecommunications landscape in the Caribbean region.