1. General
This policy provides the guidelines for working from home in the telecommunications industry.
Employees involved in a work from home arrangement are those whose production will benefit with working from home.
It details the responsibility of employees, employers and the safe working practices to be utilized with this policy.
These guidelines should be followed in the event of the national shut down of a country.
Employees working from home are required to sign the attached form (Appendix) indicating that they have read and understood this policy.

2.0 Definitions

3.0 Employers’ Responsibilities
i. Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees possess the necessary VPN access, tools and equipment to complete assigned tasks before consenting to a work from home arrangement.
ii. Confidentiality arrangements should be predetermined.
iii. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) guidelines should be communicated to staff working from home.
iv. Ensure that employees receive full company benefits inclusive of compensation and health insurance.
v. Adequate insurance is in place on equipment owned by the company and on loan to employee.
vi. Accept liability for injuries sustained in pre-defined working spaces during the agreed period of work.
vii. Communicate cyber-security measures to employees and provide suitable software protection for data and information.

4.0 Employees Responsibilities

i. Inform their supervisors/managers of the work carried out during the work from home period.
ii. Observe the HSE guidelines provided by their employer to ensure that good health is maintained during this period.
iii. Report any deficiencies impacting their optimum operational capacity immediately to their supervisor.
iv. Report Illnesses experienced during the work from home period promptly to their Supervisor.
v. Maintain normal working hours as determined by their contract of work.
vi. Conform to company policies, conduct, leave provisions and confidentiality.
vii. Required to be online and accessible for eight (8) hours each day, Monday to Friday.
viii. Scheduled face to face meetings at least once per week.
ix. Responsible for insurance of personal items located in workspaces.
x. Usage of Company VPN’s restricted to working hours.
xi. Maintain strict confidentiality guidelines.
xii. Responsible for basic care and keep of assigned equipment.

5. Compensation.
i. Employees salary and benefits shall remain the same if working from home.
ii. Increases in salary shall be guided by company policy and performance evaluations.
iii. Eligibility for promotions, training and development shall be guided by company policy.
iv. Reimbursement for internet and electricity costs shall be in keeping with the Company’s reimbursement protocol.
6. Documentation
i. Equipment Safety Guidelines
ii. Health, Safety & Environment Guidelines
iii. Privacy Policy





Working from Home Form
1. Employee Information:
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Job Title: ______________________________________________________________
Department: ______________________________________________________________
Supervisor: ______________________________________________________________
Work Location ______________________________________________________________
2. Remote Work Area:
Address: ______________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________
Workspace Description: ________________________________________________________
3. Company Equipment:
Request: ______________________________________________________________
Serial #: ______________________________________________________________
Description: ______________________________________________________________
4. Authorization:
I have read, fully understand, and accept the terms and conditions described in this document. I understand and agree with all the expectations, duties, obligations, and responsibilities discussed in the document.
Employee: ___________________________
Supervisor: ___________________________
Date: ———————————————-