This document provides a logical and comparable set of guidelines that can be used in developing a company’s response to any external threat to its organization and was developed to be used as a reference to CANTO member companies in the development of its CANTO Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Policy.


  1. Introduction

1.1 Lockdown refers to measures put in place in the critical stages and after all other policies and procedures have been followed up to that stage to restrict or control the movements and services to a society in light of threats, incidents, multi hazards and or pandemics.

1.2 CANTO, having oversight for the development, standardization and governance of such policies amongst Member Organizations, will assist members in the development, standardization and implementation of these guidelines (policies) within their specific organizations.

1.3 Member Organizations then have the responsibility to operate within the guidelines issued by CANTO, inclusive of National Legislation and develop their own individual Lockdown Policies as required.

1.4 The CANTO Telecommunications Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) has been developed to advise all participating members and should be referenced along with the CANTO Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Policy.

1.5 Lockdowns can be implemented to safeguard the health and safety of staff and assets and can be applied under the following threats, incidents, multi hazards and or pandemics: –

Robberies Power failures Biochemical Hazards Hurricanes
Hostage Situations Electricity Outages Flooding Pandemics
Bomb threats Fire Earthquakes Ransom ware
Explosions Mass Casualty events Tsunamis Cyber Attacks
Equipment Failure Civil disturbance Storms  


1.6 Initiation of the Lockdown

The CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) will serve as a guideline for member organizations in part, where any threat, incident, multi hazard and or pandemic may lead to the initiation of a lockdown.

CANTO may, with due notification, provide CANTO Emergency Response Team (ERT) members to assist with the standardization and simulation/testing of an organization’s Lockdown Policy.

A full initiation of the CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) can be initiated through CANTO on warning, occurrence or declaration of a threat, incident, multi hazard and or pandemic or on request by a member organization, Meteorological / Health Office or Governmental policy.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of these Guidelines (is policy) is to provide standard operating procedures (guidelines) to participating member organizations which they can follow to ensure the effective and efficient lockdown of their various organizations. The policy is to be referenced along with the organizations’ emergency plans (DRM, Business Continuity and Work from Home (WFH) Policy) and the country’s National policies.




  1. Scope

These Guidelines (policy) will apply to all CANTO participating member organizations and facilities by extension. It shall require that all member organizations adopt their own policies to ensure the implementation of the appropriate levels, procedures and actions required to ensure the safety of staff, sites, buildings and equipment. CANTO will coordinate and render assistance as required.

  1. Duties and Responsibilities


CANTO will be responsible for:

  • The development, standardization and maintenance of the CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy).
  • The sharing of the Guidelines (Policy) with participating Member Organizations.
  • Developing model guidelines for the development of institutional Lockdown Policies.
  • Assisting Member Organizations in the development of individual Lockdown Policies.
  • Conducting CANTO Lockdown Policy Simulations.
  • Providing oversight for simulations of the CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy).
  • The invocation of the Lockdown Guidelines (Policy).
  • The coordination of assistance to organizations’ before, during and after lockdown.

4.2 Participating Member Organizations

Participating Member Organizations are responsible for:

  • Development of individual Institutional Lockdown Policies in alignment with CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) and National Legislation.
  • Identifying a Lead Member for the management of the organization’s Lockdown Policy.
  • Sharing Institutional Lockdown Policies with CANTO.
  • Conducting organization familiarization, training and simulations.
  • Participating in training conducted by CANTO.
  • Notifying CANTO of implemented lockdowns as required.
  • Maintaining communication with CANTO before, during and after implementation of a lockdown.


  1. Procedures

5.1 Procedures for Lockdown.

The CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) consists of 3 stages: –

  1. Stage 1 – Delayed Lockdown
  2. Stage 2 – Immediate Lockdown
  3. Termination of Lockdown

The organizations’ reaction to each threat, incident, multi hazard and or pandemic must first follow the organizations’ emergency plans (DRM, Business Continuity, WFH Policy etc). A lockdown will be implemented only after these procedures have been exhausted and conditions have reached a stage where it is necessary to implement a Lockdown or where conditions are immediately out of the organizations’ control.

5.2 Stages of Lockdown

Stage Definition Actions
Stage 1: – Delayed Lockdown

Equipment Failure

Power failures

Electricity Outages


Civil disturbance









An event that requires analysis to determine the level of impact to allow for adequate time to follow Organizations’ emergency plans in the interest of saving lives and preventing damage or loss of major assets




1.      Organizations’ emergency procedures relating to the particular incident are to be followed.

2.      If Incident control deteriorates to a state which is outside the scope of the Organization’s emergency procedures, then Lockdown can be implemented.


Stage 2:- Immediate Lockdown


Hostage Situations

Mass Casualty events

Bomb threats

Biochemical Hazards


A situation where the implementation of the Lockdown would supersede the following of Organizations’ emergency plans in the interest of saving lives and the prevention of damage and or loss of major assets


1.      Incident is immediately out of scope of the Organizations’ emergency procedures.


Stage3:- Termination of Lockdown Where the severity of a situation has been reduced to a state which does not require Lockdown procedures or a state which can be managed within Organizations’ emergency procedures and brought to an efficient closure. 1.      Conduct threat/risk assessment.

2.      De-escalate to Organizations’ emergency procedures for related incident


Each stage of the CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) will be associated with and applied in accordance to the equivalent stage of the National Lockdown Policy


5.3 Actions

The table below describes the actions to be taken by CANTO and Member Organizations at the various stages of a lockdown:

Type/Stage Purpose Measures to be implemented
Stage 1: -Delayed Lockdown To implement control measures where an incident has deteriorated to a state which is outside the scope of Organizations emergency procedures. 1.      Ensure all relevant authorities have been briefed (Management, CANTO CARILEC, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services etc).

2.      Implement further safety measures for personnel and major assets as required.

3.      Implement the Lockdown.


Stage 2 : -Immediate Lockdown In reaction to an incident which is immediately out of scope of Organizations emergency procedures. 1.      Implement the Lockdown

2.      Notify Management, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services.



Stage 3:- Termination of Lockdown To de-escalate measures put in place to control an incident which required a delayed or immediate Lockdown 1.      Re-assessment of the state of the incident with input from all major stakeholders.

2.      Implement safeguards to support de-escalation as required.

3.      De-escalate/Terminate Lockdown


5.4 Notification

Where a lockdown is to be implemented native to an organization, that organization will apply its organization’s lockdown policy as required and notify CANTO.

Where a lockdown is implemented native to an organization but has implications to the detriment of, or requires assistance from another CANTO Member organization/s, CANTO is to be notified urgently with all details required to safeguard or seek the necessary assistance of the other Member Organizations.

Where a Lockdown has been implemented within a state affecting multiple CANTO organizations, on the request, warning, occurrence or declaration of a natural disaster/pandemic by Governmental (National Disaster Org, Ministry of Health etc) policy, CANTO is to be notified and supplied with regular updates as the lockdown evolves.

5.5 Termination of Lockdown.

Prior to and upon Termination of Lockdown, CANTO is to be notified of short and long term implications and the organization’s future intentions in relation to safeguards/fail safes implemented to better prepare for or deter the recurrence or such incidents.





  1. Training Requirements

6.1     CANTO remains responsible for the overall management of the CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) and by extension the training of personnel to assist in the implementation of the Guidelines (Policy).

6.2     CANTO will ensure that the CANTO Emergency Response Team (ERT) has a suitably qualified member/s to advise or assist in the implementation of the CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy). That member/s will also be required to conduct training within the ERT and, upon request through CANTO, be made available to assist in the training of Member Organizations’ personnel.

6.3     CANTO will ensure that retraining and re-assessment of the identified member/s is conducted on an annual basis.

  1. Monitoring Compliance

7.1     The CANTO DRM (ERT) will be responsible to the CANTO Secretary General for the monitoring of and compliance to, the CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy).

7.2     The CANTO DRM Chair (ERT) Leader is also to ensure that the CANTO Secretary General is kept informed of all developments and recommended changes to the policy.

7.3     The CANTO DRM Chair (ERT) Leader is also to ensure that all changes to the policy are disseminated to Member Organizations in a timely manner.

7.4     The DRM (ERT) Team will conduct annual Member Organizations’ assessments on request through CANTO

  1. Policy Review

The CANTO Lockdown Guidelines (Policy) is to be reviewed annually in conjunction with the CANTO DRM and other emergency plans.